This focus area is dedicated to strategies on educating and training homeowners, renters, contractors, and others working in the housing sector on lead poisoning prevention and to strengthen lead-related housing policies. Below are strategies and ways to take action.

Prevention & Remediation

Action 1

Educate property owners and contractors on lead abatement.

  • Create a notification to allow homeowners, renters and landlords to receive a notification when a home occupied by a lead-affected child tests positive for lead levels above EPA safety standards.
    • SMS notification services such as or Twilio 
    • Email notifications: either original newsletters or e-blasts sent via partnerships.

Identification & Exposure

Action 1

Collect data on water, dust, paint and soil of homes.

  • Work in collaboration with community-based organizations, local agencies, and CDC to collect census tract level data on water, dust, paint, and soil of homes.

  • Partner with MIECHV, CDC’s Healthy Homes, and local health departments to provide home visits to children and pregnant women who have EBLLs.
  • Assist families with referrals to housing, health and other resources.