Childcare & Schooling

This focus area includes strategies for educating and partnering with schools, daycare centers, and other childcare and education programs on the needs of lead poisoning prevention, lead testing and creating lead-safe environments.

Prevention & Remediation

Action 1

Train school and child care staff to utilize checklists for lead prevention.

Identification & Exposure

Action 1

Educate child care professionals and facility managers on the importance of lead testing.

Treatment and Mitigation

  • Partner with local health departments to offer testing at back to school events and health fairs.
  • Offer mobile testing site, using portable devices, through partnerships with Head Starts and Federally Qualified Health Centers.


  • Incorporate education on the policy in trainings for state medical societies.
  • Here are some example policies for mandatory BLL testing and documentation.

  • See an example from Illinois in this webinar.