New Jersey

By implementing a tier system that recognizes pediatricians’ lead testing rates and conducting outreach, the New Jersey team increased testing to reflect the state’s universal screening rule.


  • Increase the screening rate of children in New Jersey that receive blood lead screening at ages 1 and 2 years.
  • Increase screening rates in New Jersey to reflect New Jersey’s mandated universal screening rule.



  • Developed and implemented a tier system to recognize the top screening pediatricians in New Jersey
    • Identified the top three screening pediatricians in each county
    • Provided certificates of recognition for pediatricians based on the tier criteria
    • Provided acknowledgement on Twitter and Facebook of the tier winners (by the Commissioner of Health)

Education, Training, and Outreach

  • Conducted a data match with pediatricians regarding screening rates
  • Developed and distributed a physician anticipatory guidance mailing, or “Lead Lammies,” for 10,000 pediatricians in New Jersey.
  • Provided outreach to 800 pediatricians who were shown to have low screening rates, as directed by the New Jersey universal screening rule for lead.
  • Provided educational outreach on lead poisoning prevention and oral health to community health workers and perinatal care coalitions.
  • Visited all schools and child care centers and disseminated lead prevention and lead screening educational materials.
  • Developed a webinar on lead prevention and screening for school nurses.
  • Presented on lead screening at the 2019 New Jersey Population Health Summit; New Jersey Environmental Health Association Annual Conference; and the New Jersey Chapter, American Academy of Pediatrics Annual Conference.
  • Shared information on evidence-based environmental assessment tools with the community.


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